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North Dublin Muslim National School Current Board of Management

Pre-Enrolment Form
The North Dublin Muslim School was opened in September 2001 with 3 classrooms and 3 teachers. The School is the second state-funded Muslim school in Dublin and Ireland. It has started as a response to the growing need of the Muslim community in Ireland. The large numbers on the admission waiting lists of the Muslim National School in Clonskeagh have confirmed a need for additional Muslim national schools in the greater Dublin area, especially in the north Dublin area.
The School is accommodated in temporary premises within the campus of the St Joseph’s school for the Deaf Boys, Navan Road, Cabra, Dublin-7.
Teachers’ salaries, rent of the premises and the costs of transportation are borne by the Department of Education. There are 130 Pupils in the School at present who are being taught by 11 class-teachers. The Qur'an, Deen and Arabic wre taught by two part-time Muslim teachers.
The school receives capitation and other grants from the Department of Education on the same basis as other national schools. The Department of Education is seeking a permanent/semi permanent accommodation for the School.
There are five buses to transport the children to the School; two from Lucan, one from Blanchardstown and one from
during the year this was the first time the I.F.I. organised such an activity.. om Jeddah to Medina. Tallaght.
Enrolment Policy:
A student secures a place in the school solely on a first come first served basis. The school maintain two lists each year; one for Junior Infants and one for non-Junior Infants. The parent or guardian must sign the pre-enrolment form. No pre-Enrolments are taken over the phone.
School Hours:
The school hours are as follows:
Junior & Senior Infants 9:00am. to 1:40 pm.
1st Class to 6th Class 9:00am. to 2:40pm.

School Curriculum:
Like its sister, the Muslim National School, the school follows the rules for National Schools Curriculum. In addition to the national curriculum for primary schools, the school provides a religious education programme. This programme covers a range of religious, social and moral issues from an Islamic perspective.
The Administration of the School:
Patron: Imam Yahya Al-Hussein
Acting Principal: Ms. Norma Murphy.
Board of Management:
The Current Board of Management is composed of the following:
1) Dr. Faheem Bukhatwa Chairperson and Patron’s Nominee.
2) Ms. Norma Murphy Acting Principal.
3) Mr. Adel Mahrouk Patron’s Nominee.
4) Ms. Aoife Caulfield Teachers’ Representative.
5) Mr. Adel Zeghni Parents’ Representative.
6) Ms. Hidayat Idrees Representative.
7) Mr. Syed Muhammad Abid Co-opted Member.
8) Mr. Sajid Khan Co-opted Member.

The term of office of the Board of Management is for four years (from Dec. 2008 to Dec. 2012.)
School Holidays:
Eight days are taken at the end of Ramadan and continues through Eid-ul-Fitr. Five days holiday are taken for Eid-al-Adha. Both of these occasions are Islamic festivals, which are celebrated yearly in accordance with the Islamic lunar calendar. The school closes for national and bank holidays
Parent/Teacher Communication:
The healthiest environment for a child is one of open and easy communication between parents and teachers. Parents/Guardians are encouraged and welcome to discuss matters relating to their child/ren with the relevant class teacher. Parents should agree a convenient time with the teacher if the need arises.
Contact Details:
Ms. Norma Murphy, Acting School Principal.
North Dublin Muslim National School Project,
C/O St. Joseph’s School for the Deaf Boys,
Navan Road,
Cabra, Dublin 7.
Tel. 01-8689587.

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  1. The demand for Muslim schools comes from parents who want their children a safe environment with an Islamic ethos.Parents see Muslim schools where children can develop their Islamic Identity where they won't feel stigmatised for being Muslims and they can feel confident about their faith.
    Muslim schools are working to try to create a bridge between communities.

    There is a belief among ethnic minority parens that the British schooling does not adequatly address their cultural needs. Failing to meet this need could result in feeling resentment among a group who already feel excluded. Setting up Muslim school is a defensive response.

    State schools with monolingual teachers are not capable to teach English to bilingual Muslim children. Bilingual teachers are needed to teach English to such children along with their mother tongue. According to a number of studies, a child will not learn a second language if his first language is ignored.

    Bilingual Muslim children need state funded Muslim schools with bilingual Muslim teachers as role models during their developmental periods. Muslims
    have the right to educate their children in an environment that suits their culture. This notion of "integration", actually means "assimilation", by which people generally really mean "be more like me". That is not
    multiculturalism. In Sydney, Muslims were refused to build a Muslim school, because of a protest by the residents. Yet a year later, permission was
    given for the building of a Catholic school and no protests from the residents. This clrearly shows the blatant hypocrisy, double standards and racism. Christians oppose Muslim schools in western countries yet build
    their own religious schools.

    British schooling and the British society is the home of institutional racism. The result is that Muslim children are unable to develop self-confidence and self-esteem, therefore, majority of them leave schools with low grades. Racism is deeply rooted in British society. Every native child is born with a gene or virus of racism, therefore, no law could change the attitudes of racism towards those who are different. It is not only the common man, even member of the royal family is involved in racism. The
    father of a Pakistani office cadet who was called a "***" by Prince Harry has profoundly condemned his actions. He had felt proud when he met the Queen and the Prince of Wales at his son's passing out parade at Sandhurst
    in 2006 but now felt upset after learning about the Prince's comments. Queen Victoria invited an Imam from India to teach her Urdu language. He was highly respected by the Queen but other members of the royal family had no respect for him. He was forced to go back to India. His protrait is still in one of the royal places.

    There are hundreds of state schools where Muslim pupils are in majority. In my opinion, all such schools may be designated as Muslim community schools with bilingual Muslim teachers. There is no place for a non-Muslim child or a teacher in a Muslim school.
    Iftikhar Ahmad
    London School of Islamics Trust
    63 Margery Park Road London E7 9LD Tele 0208 555 2733/07817 112 667